13/01/2017 ID Management

How ID Management for marketing can reduce CPA by over 50%

If a Data Management Platform (DMP) enables you to humanise your marketing at scale, Identity Management is the brain.
14/11/2016 Events

Cool things we learned at the Relay42 Marketing Exchange 2016

On Thursday 10th November, at scenic hotspot Tolhuistuin, we gathered a group of industry-leaders in data-driven marketing to share tips on how to make the Relay42 Data Management Platform (DMP) work harder, faster, and smarter. Right now.
21/10/2016 Guest blog

Guest post: how to make customer feedback meaningful

We are in the middle of a digital transformation. A myriad of companies are closing up shop and bringing their services online to websites and mobile apps. This switch to a digital way of working has many advantages of course, especially in terms of ...
30/09/2016 Marketing Tips

CMOs are spending more on tech in 2017 than CIOs: how can they invest wisely?

In a sneak preview of the 2016 CMO Spend report, Gartner analyst Jake Sorofman offers a stat which doesn’t surprise us - but might surprise some. 
20/09/2016 Finance

The ‘C’ words in financial services marketing, and how best to use them

Off the back of new research released on customer engagement in financial services marketing, we wanted to break down this bank of useful information, insights and presentations into a few takeaways for traditional financial service providers ...
12/07/2016 Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement 2016: how to win customers and engage people

We humans are a fickle bunch. When it comes to marketing, we are collectively gunning for ‘personalisation’ in every inch of outreach, yet this is only just beginning to translate into practice.