23/01/2017 Events

10 highlights of tomorrow from the 2017 Drum Predictions Breakfast


January 18th 2017 saw the doers and thinkers of marketing getting together to discuss what we could expect this year from our dynamic industry.

With areas of marketing ranging from location to intent; AI to mobile and social, it was a far-reaching panel - with Relay42 CEO Tomas Salfischberger leading the martech discussion.

Read our martech predictions penned by our UK Commercial Director, Simon Bloom, on the Drum.com - 5 steps you need to take to make martech meaningful today.

Here, we’ve picked ten of the most impactful Predictions from the morning.

1. “2017 is the year that humans will make their own customer journeys. Brands and their technologies need to follow.”

Tomas Salfischberger, Relay42 on making omnichannel real-time marketing a reality.

2. "Don’t just use social data to engage. Sometimes you can just listen and not talk.”

Guilhem Fouetillou, Linkfluence on using social to analyse relevant segments of society and understand audiences.

3. “This year we will deal with inefficiencies; real-time means the ability to take action before the money is spent.”

Jacob Lachmann, Audience Project talks about how ‘real-time’ can really be useful in smart data activation across paid & owned channels.

4. “We’re not only customers of the big airline or the international bank. We’re customers of Google, Facebook and Amazon. And we have to prepare for that.”

Tomas Salfischberger of Relay42 on owning and being able to use your customer data - even that which is considered to be held in the palms of media giants.

5. “Voice search represents 20% of all searches. It’s going to change everything.”

Jon Buss at Yext on how the rise and rise of location marketing and voice search, thanks to Alexa & Cortana.

6. “Customers will demand greater transparency. The question is, how far will they go to ensure it happens?”

iotec’s Paul Wright reminds us that the data transparency debate won’t go away. We need to create a value exchange.

7. “Sometimes it feels like we’re still eating sushi wearing an astronaut suit. If you can't tell your story with traditional video, immersive technology will not help this.”

INITION’s Adrian Leu points out the perils of running before we can walk with experiential marketing.

8. “I fear the worst for AR & VR in content. We’re going to see an awful lot of rubbish out there. But that’s part of the learning curve.”

Lance Concannon, Sysomos adds that we need to think about what we’re producing, but trying and failing is part of adopting new tech & creative approaches.

9. “Data is moving from back office to front office. Ignore GDPR at your peril.”

Rachael Butler, Intermarketing Agency on holding up a microscope to big data.

10. “We need to organise businesses around the customer - they don’t want to speak to one voice for social media, another via YouTube ads, and another in a call centre.”

Tomas Salfischberger, Relay42 on re-structuring businesses for customer-centricity.

Watch the full video on what Relay42 and other marketing leaders think will go big in 2017: