14/11/2016 Events

Cool things we learned at the Relay42 Marketing Exchange 2016

On Thursday 10th November, at scenic hotspot Tolhuistuin, we gathered a group of industry-leaders in data-driven marketing to share tips on how to make the Relay42 Data Management Platform (DMP) work harder, faster, and smarter. Right now.

Leading the discussion were Deloitte's Digital Strategist Eeuwe Kamsteeg, Marc Vekemans - Director of Brand & Consumer Value at global travel booking hub Travix, and inBeacon's Co-Founder Remco Bron, with each handing over invaluable tips and techniques on how to take data-driven marketing to the next level - from strategic vision - to practical DMP play-by-play.

Oh, and we were treated to a live beacon demo, the first showcase of location-based targeting in real life - and in real time - for our eyes only.

Here are just a few of many highlights.

'In the next 10 years, the internet will be connected to our brains' - Deloitte on Digital Transformation.


Eeuwe Kamsteeg reminded us of the urgent need to transform our organisations: yes, technology is escalating - but digital transformation isn't really about that. To prepare for the future; in fact to prepare for what's happening today, businesses need to shape-shift their approach and team to fit this changing landscape. For marketing, this means a meeting of minds; the rare hybrid of left and right brain to deliver humanity through data activation. But it also means forming a hybrid of skills within teams, which truly reflects the what, where and how of your company vision.

'We re-defined our entire team to centre around the customer profile' - Travix talked first steps towards customer-centricity that delivers.


Then, Marc Vekemans demonstrated how to make this agile approach work in practice for his group of international travel brands - through failing fast, and learning even faster. Following their DMP integration just months before, Travix made a seismic shift from focusing on ticket sale performance, towards delivering on customer profiles; and to do this meant rearranging department silos to launch an entire data management project, with everyone on board. With the crucial combination of IT, creativity, analytics and performance marketing, each team was structured around the booking flow and its functional components - from marketing automation, to add-to-cart, to check-out.

Through using two project tracks - one for quick, short-term wins and a longer, more strategic track for big results, Travix is taking bold steps to learn from customer behaviour, and has already seen astonishing results. This exciting work in progress is proving the success of fostering long-term customer relationships through embracing organisational change. Watch this space.

'When you translate digital interactions into real life interactions, it blows peoples' socks off' - inBeacon walked through how to follow, and serve the crowd with technology.


Being able to reach people in the real world, as they navigate and interact with it, is every marketer's dream: Remco Bron works with - and loves the technology which delivers on this. These tiny beacons, have shifted from being one of the most talked about technologies in the marketing space, to a practical reality delivering real ROI for businesses. Think dynamic signage on in-store screens, which change in response to a prospect's environment or their previous online interactions; then real-time recommendations for products and services - to sell; or dynamic creative to inspire. We were left wide-eyed at the possibilities presented by re-marketing, when an earlier arrival at the airport and an app check-in, could mean being greeted by a real customer service representative offering a free drink in a members' lounge. A real conversation mapped by the digital world - a simple gesture which will make brands truly memorable.

And an exclusive inBeacon showcase: a sneak peek into how consumer targeting can play out today, in the real world.

And this was where we got hands-on to see how mobile targeting could work in real life. Specialists from Relay42 offered guests the opportunity to check out how a travel app worked with their phones, in tandem with the website, to personalise content across channels using inBeacon technology.

A certified 'ooh' 'aah' moment for marketers at the ready to make best use of the tools at their fingertips.

Guests were able to do just that: everyone received a personalised toolkit to get started with building use cases. It's already proving a favourite among clients, some of whom started engineering customer journeys straight away:

Personal toolkit.png


Hungry for more highlights? See the Relay42 Marketing Exchange 2016 in photos here.