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What does effective global commerce look like to a global commercial team?

When it comes to the commercial landscape, we all need to zoom out from time-to-time.

Digital buzzwords, well-worn acronyms and cliches all threaten to cloud our perceptions, stopping us from focusing on what really matters to customers - and what matters to ourselves. Three of our Commercial team at Relay42 took five to reflect on what great personalised marketing looks like to them. 



"When personalised marketing is truly personalised, it shouldn't disrupt your day. When I scroll through my Facebook news-feed, nearly everything I see is relevant to me. Sponsored ads are on fashion, food and fitness – and I click, because I am genuinely interested in their products and deals.

Where I think advertisers typically slip up is continued targeting after conversion. Not only is this chewing through media budget, but when the sponsored ad I've already clicked and lost interest in - or already purchased - follows me around for weeks, I try not to make the same mistake, regardless of product quality.

Back in the marketing driving seat, this where quality Identity Management comes into play with the tools you use. If you can recognise a conversion, whether instore to digital ads, you can then offer relevant cross-sell or up-sell products, or to stop targeting altogether."

- Hailey Shutkowski, Solutions Architect - New Zealand


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"For me its the emergence of beacon and WiFi location technology as a way of creating a new, and refreshing conversation point in the customer journey: this really takes experiences with brands to a new level. 

My own experience so far has been one of intrigue: being in the industry, of course I put myself in situations where I am testing the level of personalisation these types of technology can provide.  A great experience in a large European airport terminal provided me with information about my departure date, time to the gate, and a relevant retail offer en-route.

The other experience, a polar opposite, was in a large department store in London where push notifications were irrelevant in many cases, and quickly became irritating. There's a fine line between engaging, relevant and annoying! Getting it right, and then even better, is exciting."

- Simon Bloom, Commercial Director - UK




"For me, you know the real deal when you are able to not only be relevant to each customer and potential customer, but also provide value by offering them the right product or service, via the right channel at the right time. Service is a key differentiator here.

The lines between advertising, marketing and customer service are becoming increasingly blurred, and what I love is the ability to go beyond selling to people, to helping people: think a push notification from your bank to share your nearest ATM following a relevant search query; discounts on train tickets based on your gate check-ins; a personal discount via email on your favourite yoghurt, from your local supermarket. 

The ability for brands to automate this kind of unintrusive, useful service using technology is the key. 


- Matilda Kristoffersson, Lead Solutions Architect - Sweden  


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