1st party data: the core of customer-centricity

Historically, getting customers from point A to point B in their journeys was good enough, and that’s all marketers had to worry about. But with the saturation of competitors in every industry, a finite, two-part journey simply doesn’t cut it ...
15/02/2018 GDPR

Making responsible marketing your differentiator

How you can create mutually beneficial relationships by handling customer data responsibly. 

Using applied AI to scale personalization

I speak to today’s marketing leaders and innovators regularly; and it won’t come as a surprise that many sit in our world’s established industries - from retail banking to heritage airline carriers and national energy providers. A topic that pops-up ...
02/02/2018 Customer Journey

The 5Ds of the customer journey

As consumers, we all have similar experiences when we realize we have a need for a product (or service) - we seek it, find it, and acquire it. Whether it’s purchasing a plane ticket or opening a bank account, consumers are sure to appreciate brands ...

Walking a few miles - or touchpoints - in your customer’s shoes

Why you need to mirror, not lead customer journeys, and how you can keep up. We know by now that customers change where they're going, and how they want to be reached, from one day, one week - one year to another. 
22/11/2017 DMP tips

3 hacks for creating a growth marketing culture with your Data Management Platform

Your DMP is a tech treasure trove for reaching your customers. It presents a world of opportunities to deliver marketing messages and experiences smarter, faster, - and better; but that’s easy to say, and easy in theory. What about in reality?