22/11/2017 DMP tips

3 hacks for creating a growth marketing culture with your Data Management Platform

Your DMP is a tech treasure trove for reaching your customers. It presents a world of opportunities to deliver marketing messages and experiences smarter, faster, - and better; but that’s easy to say, and easy in theory. What about in reality?
10/10/2017 Relay42 People

What organisations can do to prepare for new technology

Adapting for agile technology can be quite a challenge, especially if your business has existing systems in place, and marketing technologies in use, for numerous purposes. When they don’t seem to naturally work in sync with one another, how do you ...
11/07/2017 Customer Journey

Optimising customer journeys with AI

In order for AI to work, precision is paramount - marketers need to focus on data quality, underpinned by smart technology to deliver accurate/ exacting/ faultless customer journeys.   When people think of AI, they get pictures of grandeur - fancy ...
06/07/2017 Customer Engagement

How can brands deliver on shifting patterns of customer value, through data and technology?

As marketers, we always seek to understand our customers’ behaviour, but maybe we should seek to understand ourselves a little better as people, too. We are a positive and decisive bunch, that’s for sure. We seek clarity, certainty, and ...
13/06/2017 GDPR

What will the bank of the future look like?

Yes, the business of managing money is on the brink of unprecedented change. As laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and PSD2 come into force, financial services providers will not only need to open up their APIs to second and ...
13/06/2017 Relay42 People

How has our technology enabled room to grow in a company?

In this digital age, it’s become extremely competitive to establish a career in any field, especially in the expansive world of digital technology. But as the marketing landscape shifts at breakneck speed, organisational structures and habits remain ...