22/11/2017 DMP tips

3 hacks for creating a growth marketing culture with your Data Management Platform

Your DMP is a tech treasure trove for reaching your customers. It presents a world of opportunities to deliver marketing messages and experiences smarter, faster, - and better; but that’s easy to say, and easy in theory. What about in reality?

A completely customer-centric business doesn’t happen all-at-once, even if you and your team want it to. How can you build a way of stacking up quick marketing wins, to prove your customer obsession and approach really works; so you can scale it?

Here are three ways you can get everyone behind your brand to make customer experience no.1, using technology to orchestrate the right outreach based on every customer interaction.

Call it growth marketing, call it whatever you like, but make it part of the day-to-day. 

1. Toe the line between data & creativity

Getting the right balance of specialisms in your team is a gem. After all, technology is only as valuable as the people working with it. We see that the best successes with MarTech like a DMP happen when channel specialists, precise number crunchers and marketing empaths with gut intuition work together to shape the direction of campaigns; as well as shaping the custom creatives customers will see on their many screens.

2. Define your direction in simple steps

Where do you want to go on behalf of your customers, and what are the KPIs which show you’re getting there? Keep them simple to start with. You might begin with a clear ambition aligned with your business’s bigger goals; to focus your energy - and your resources - on keeping your existing customers rather than attracting new ones. What do they want next, and how can you add value at that step?

3. Create simple data pathways, & continually tweak

Now where do you want your customers to go? Do all the people who visit your website want to buy your product, or might they be dropping by for another reason if they’re already a customer? How can you differentiate their experiences with simple cross-channel logic using your DMP? It might start with reducing waste, by stopping current customers from seeing your banners - and annoying them less.

Then, you can make their journeys grow incrementally as you create buy-in across your teams. You can add layers of complexity at each touch-point depending on where your customers are, and their interactions with you.

Hungry for more insights? Our guide shows you how to organise for a DMP, delivering a set of experiences step-by-step which match your customer preferences, and make sense for your business too: 

3 steps to marketing success with a DMP



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