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How has our technology enabled room to grow in a company?

In this digital age, it’s become extremely competitive to establish a career in any field, especially in the expansive world of digital technology. But as the marketing landscape shifts at breakneck speed, organisational structures and habits remain unchanging, often restricting - rather than encouraging, people to experiment, fail fast, learn, and grow. Here we take a look at how Relay42 has provided a nourishing environment for its employees to advance in their own careers.

Bas Klomp, Omnichannel Strategist


Seeing the potential of Relay42’s Data Management Platform (DMP) drove me to broaden and smarten my perspective on digital marketing. Our DMP touches lots of innovations and technologies, which has opened my eyes to so many untapped opportunities. The customer journeys we create across channels really show the potential of our product – it can adapt to whatever infrastructure a company uses. Being relevant is one of the most important things to me – for me, it’s about unlocking data’s true potential: providing completely customer-oriented marketing.


Maarten Sambre, Sales Director


Here at Relay42, I feel like I’ve had the room to touch so many parts of what a company does instead of being stuck in a narrow niche. DMP is the hub that connects all the digital touch points from both offline and online worlds. This has broadened my view on organisations and how they use data to be relevant with their customers. I enjoy having a cross-department and cross-channel view of organisations; before, I was only in one specific small space and didn’t feel connected to my co-workers, even though we all worked at the same place.


The rate at which Relay42 is growing at is very exciting. Not only are there new people from all cultures and backgrounds, but there is also the integration and interlinking of different departments that is rare to see in many companies. I’m excited to see what the future holds with our innovative technology and brilliant minds.


Maurice Pothof, Co-founder and Supervisory Board Member


I’ve always been an entrepreneur in this digital landscape and will always have that inventive mindset no matter where I am, or what I’m doing. Back when Relay42 was just a concept, the digital landscape was already changing a lot so we set an ambitious focus on 2020. In order to compete with the already established and rooted names in the industry, we’ve taken a refreshing approach to both customer experiences and employee life.

Relay42 handles everything in an innovative way, even with office culture. We want to give everyone the feeling that they are on-board a journey, conquering giants together. We aim to stay flexible and emphasise freedom in connectivity, one of the main values we have. Our technology has the potential and ability to be the marketing cockpit the world needs.

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