27/03/2017 Events

Girls in MarTech: why women need to take a leap of faith into Marketing Technology

By Maartje van Oeveren (read the original article on Dutch Cowboys).
17/02/2017 Events

What can we learn from UK MarTech leaders about smart data management?

Charlotte Street Hotel, 8th February, breakfast time – Relay42 talked with the likes of GroupM, Yahoo and TMW Unlimited about what smart data management technology might mean for the world of marketing.
23/01/2017 Events

10 highlights of tomorrow from the 2017 Drum Predictions Breakfast

  January 18th 2017 saw the doers and thinkers of marketing getting together to discuss what we could expect this year from our dynamic industry.
14/11/2016 Events

Cool things we learned at the Relay42 Marketing Exchange 2016

On Thursday 10th November, at scenic hotspot Tolhuistuin, we gathered a group of industry-leaders in data-driven marketing to share tips on how to make the Relay42 Data Management Platform (DMP) work harder, faster, and smarter. Right now.
13/04/2016 Events

DMPizza | Event summary

On Tuesday, April 5th we held the first ever DMPizza session at Relay42 headquarters. The event was intended for anyone interested in learning more about what a Data Management Platform (DMP) is, and what kind of potential it has for a company.
09/03/2016 Travel

Data Marketing Event: how KLM & TNT piloted the future of marketing

In one afternoon, and now in under 5 minutes of reading, we give you the most interesting takeaways from our exclusive London event, and show you how you can catch up with those who saw it first-hand.