30/09/2016 Marketing Tips

CMOs are spending more on tech in 2017 than CIOs: how can they invest wisely?

In a sneak preview of the 2016 CMO Spend report, Gartner analyst Jake Sorofman offers a stat which doesn’t surprise us - but might surprise some. 
01/06/2016 Marketing Tips

5 key ingredients for a customer-centric marketing approach

For today’s marketers, no challenge is greater than reaching the holy grail of the single customer view. Impress your peers with this check-list of customer-centric marketing challenges and solutions. 
09/03/2016 Travel

Data Marketing Event: how KLM & TNT piloted the future of marketing

In one afternoon, and now in under 5 minutes of reading, we give you the most interesting takeaways from our exclusive London event, and show you how you can catch up with those who saw it first-hand.
02/02/2016 Marketing Tips

Put the soul into banking with data: 5 steps to customer loyalty

Wondering how to increase value per client in the world of retail banking? Let’s start unifying data to nurture existing customers.
19/01/2016 Marketing Tips

The death of attribution modelling, the birth of data storytelling

Why we need to re-think cashing in on a culture of conversion attribution, in favour of testing and human insights.
13/01/2016 DMP tips

How the right DMP will help marketers to come of digital age

  Struggling to gain a sophisticated understanding of your consumers, and action them through all those isolated digital channels? Now is the time to cure the growing pains.